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JGL_Brand Elevator shoes
      JGL_Elevator Shoes is professional designed for gaining men height immediately. JGL_Elevator shoes are designed with hidden insole, looked totally normal from outside, making you 2 - 4 inches taller! JGL_Elevator Shoes are Handcrafted with Genuine Leather(uppers), PU hidden lift and Rubber Outsole. JGL_Elevator Shoes are light,comfortable, stylish,good quality.It is worthy being trusted!
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About 21st Century Shoes Co., Ltd.
21st Century Shoes Co., Ltd is Professional Manufacturer of height increasing shoes from China, which was established and increased the height increasing shoes in 2000 in the New Century, and the production base was established in 2001. This is the only factory who owns the National Patent right to combines research, development, production, marketing, branding strategy and OEM in the business of Height increasing shoes in China. By now, our factory has brought in the most advanced production equipment. Matching with the professional designer's creative design and special handmade, every pair of height increase shoes produced can meet the demands of growing taller for people. We have been spreading our products to Europe, USA, Canada, Korea, Japan and other oversea markets since 2003.     More>>>
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2.5 Inches taller
2.75 Inches taller
2.5 Inches taller
2.5 Inches taller
2 Inches taller
2.75 Inches taller
2.50 Inches taller
3.15 Inches taller
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